As a state supported institution, the UNMC College of Dentistry has a purposeful responsibility to be part of the dental safety net for the State of Nebraska. Our outreach activities allow our students, faculty and staff to provide information, instruction and oral health care to underserved populations across the state. 

Outreach Reports

See how we improve the oral health of the people of Nebraska through outreach to underserved populations.

College of Dentistry Outreach Programs

A focus of our outreach activities is Interprofessional Education (IPE) - an education process where students from two or more different health professions work together to learn about, from and with each other to enable collaboration and improve health outcomes. The College of Dentistry and the Lincoln division of the UNMC College of Nursing have embarked on a hands-on approach to IPE. Learn more.

Community Partnerships

Our patient care partnerships include Clinic with a Heart, Charles Drew Health Center, OneWorld Community Health Centers, Nebraska Mission of Mercy and Special Olympics Special Smiles.

We partner with Nebraska schools and participate in many community health fairs to teach people of all ages about the importance of oral health. We also develop and execute oral health educational campaigns in partnership with local organizations.

Rural Nebraska Outreach

Oral health is vital for a person’s overall health. That’s why it’s so alarming that a 2016 report from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services found that of the 93 counties in Nebraska, 57 percent are designated as general dentist shortage areas. What’s more, 85 percent are designated as shortage areas for pediatric dentistry. The College of Dentistry is addressing these concerns head-on. Learn more.

Extramural Rotations

For over thirty years, the College of Dentistry has been sending fourth-year dental students into established dental practices with a preceptor (a professional dentist who acts as a mentor and directs students in their practice) for firsthand experience in running a private practice. Learn more.